The Cool Breeze jazz band started in the 1980’s. Hank Husen had just moved from Chicago and was hired by Carson Newman. Hank was teaching Jim Patterson how to play jazz charts. Randy Messamore played saxophone and band director Joe Ray played the tuba. Completing the line up was Pete Rogers on drums.

Original members included Hank Husen, Randy Messamore, Jim Patterson, Joe Ray, and Pete Rogers

The band has gone through many changes throughout the years. Around 2015, Dan heard Stuart Green playing guitar with the Walters State Jazz Band. Impressed with Stuart, Dan asked him to come and play for Cool Breeze.

2015 lineup. Fred McMurray, Jim Patterson, Dan Lishion, and Hank Husen

2018 has brought many changes for the band. Dan Lishion was diagnosed with cancer and had to leave the band. Fred also decided to leave at this time. Walters State drummer Jason Conway was asked to join the band.

Also, trumpet player Todd DeMaria and trombonist  PJ Andersson were added to the lineup. Both guys also played for the Walters State Jazz Band.

The latest lineup adds Stuart Greene, Jason Conway, and Todd DeMaria.

The band is currently available to perform. We are constantly looking for opportunities  Only time will tell what is in store for Cool Breeze.